Vario Speed Dresser®. Finished with DVS Laser Cut.

– Precise dressing with laser-finished VSD-Dressing tools

Your Advantages*

  • Only the front cutting edge engages with the honing ring, the term defined cutting edge is used.
  • The cutting edge has exactly the same profile shape for all teeth, which leads to a significantly better repeat accuracy during gearing honing.
  • Thanks to the smaller cutting edge, the tooth geometry can be freely defined through simple input in the machine software, even at a later date.

    *In comparison to conventional dressing using dressing gear wheels 

Dressing Process with defined blade

With the latest generation of PRÄWEMA SynchroFine® gearing honing machines, the so-called VSD technology is used for dressing the honing tools. “VSD” stands for VarioSpeedDressing®, a dressing process with a defined blade during which only the front cutting edge of the dressing tool engages with the honing ring. Compared with a dressing process using conventional diamond dressing gear wheels, the new "VarioSpeedDresser®" dressing tool produces stable profile shapes and precision never achieved before.

VarioSpeedDresser® from DVS Tooling

Laser-finished. Flexible. Highly precise.

VSD dressers, also known as VarioSpeedDressers® are manufactured at DVS Tooling using the specially developed “DVS LaserCut” finishing method. This method produces a homogeneous structure of the cutting edge surface on the dresser. The result is an extremely high surface quality which is transferred to the honing ring during the dressing process and thus finally to the workpiece. This optimises the reproducibility and surface quality of tooth flanks again, as well as further reducing the noise level of the machined parts in the gearbox.

A further advantage of the VSD technology: Changes to the micro-geometry of the tooth gearing can be realised directly via the machine software, without having to replace the dresser.

VarioSpeedDresser® finished with DVS LaserCut

Profile shapes and accuracies in previously unequalled quality

DVS Tooling has developed the dressing wheel VSD sf for extremely fine surfaces. "sf" stands for "superfinishing" here, and designates the extremely high and further optimised surface quality which is first transferred to the honing ring by the dressing process and to the workpiece gearing by downstream honing.

In order to translate this maximum quality into reliable and constant large-volume production is to appropriately condition the relevant tools. As well as tight tolerances, the VSD sf can also achieve surface roughness of Rz < 1 µm.

DVS Tooling's VarioSpeedDresser® sf DVS Tooling


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