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Your advantages

  • Faster first-dressing thanks to precise first-gearing.
  • Outstanding damping behaviour for stable processes.
  • One tool, customised to your own honing process.

Faster first-dressing. Ready for use faster.

PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL honing rings with preliminary gearing are delivered with a gearing quality which is significantly closer to the required series standard quality than comparable honing rings from other suppliers; a quality that is otherwise only achieved after dressing in the process. This is due to VarioSpeedProfiling® technology, or VSP for short, which achieves an extremely high pitch precision and profile shape quality through profiling using the hobbing method, as well as ensuring consistently high quality for the entire honing ring gearing.

PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL Honing rings from DVS Tooling

Two Zones for better damping

During gearing honing, huge forces are used to achieve high-precision machining results. These forces, combined with component-specific influences, can lead to undesirable vibrations during machining which must be compensated in order to avoid inaccuracy. For this reason, PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL honing rings are equipped with two zones.

The geared machining zone of the PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL is enclosed by a second so-called damping zone. This second zone cushions vibrations caused by machining and ensures that they are not transferred to the honing head and the machine.

PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL Honing rings from DVS Tooling


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